Teeth Restoration


Teeth restoration is one branches of modern stomatology that allows to restore the anatomic form, structure, enamel color of the injured teeth, as well as to eliminate inborn and acquired defects of the denture.

Aesthetic dentistry first of all is the esthetic restoration to teeth after which the patient gets a beautiful smile without prosthetics.
In the esthetic stomatology three interconnected concepts are distinguished-teeth restoration, construction, transformation. In the aesthetic dentistry there are various methods that allow the patient to get a fantastically beautiful smile.
Modern lightopolymeric materials help to perfect each form, as well as to choose perfectly corresponding color to the dental tissue. The aesthetic restoration is the best alternative method for dental prosthetics.

Tooth restoration is in fact the same dental stopping as in case of caries therapy. The tooth is elaborated first, and then it comes the turn of aesthetic work. In this case the dentist is in the role of a sculpture; joining the composite material of different colors layer by layer he has not only to restore the function of the tooth, but also its beauty.

The teeth restoration is indicated in the following cases:

- caries,
- tooth splitting,
- pathologic abrasion,
- stains on the frontal teeth,
- cuneiform defects, erosion, fluorosis

Teeth restoration allows restoring the form of tooth and denture, change the color of tooth, to close the fissures between teeth.
In the aesthetic restorative technology 2 groups of materials are used-composites and compomers. The compomers are restorative lighto-solidificated materials of the new generation that enforces the dental tissue with fluorine preventing the caries generation around the filling. The modern materials have rather rich colorings which allow choosing the color of restored tooth precisely. As a result the right similarity of firm natural enamel is got. During the aesthetic restoration the physicians can also correct the form of the tooth.
The final restorative stage of the tooth is the abrasion and polishing.
The tooth restoration may be done during one visit to the dentist and return the shining smile due to the talent and skills of the doctor.
Today the modern dentistry offers a complete complex of aesthetic dental service to get beautiful and healthy teeth.

It includes:

- creation of even denture by changing their form,
- elimination of splitting,
- elimination of old inlay that has already changed its color
- elimination of small or big fissures between
- professional whitening

The aesthetic restoration may be done during one visit without making dental impression copying by restoring the dental crown layer by layer.
The other method of restoration is more laborious. First impression copying is done then in the laboratory the ceramic crown of the tooth is made. During this period the patient wares plastic crown. The next stage supposes the fixation of the crown with cement.

Orthopedic methods of teeth restorationOrthopedic methods of teeth restoration

In such cases when the dental splits are rather big, or the caries cavity is big and it is impossible to restore the tooth with composite materials, method of orthopedic prosthesis is used. In this case are used
- ceramic inlays
- veneers and lumineers
- dental crowns (metal-ceramic, without metal, zircon)
Unlike micro-prosthetics and dental stopping, with the help of aesthetic restoration technique it is possible to change the color of frontal teeth, make the denture beautiful. The frontal teeth look fascinating while smiling, that’s why the aesthetic look is not less important than the functional.
If it is necessary to restore frontal teeth that have small defects then veneers are used to restore, if the defects are bigger then dental crowns without metal or zircon are used that have no metal base and are more esthetic.
The metal-ceramic inlays are used generally for restoring molars.

The veneers are ultrafine layers that are used with composite materials.  veneersWith the help of veneers it is possible to hide splitting and cracks, to minimize the fissures between teeth, to cover the darkened tooth, stain on the tooth that is impossible to eliminate another way.

Another method of tooth restoration is post insertion. It is placed in the root and serves as a basis for crown. Most often metal or fiberglass posts are used.
The fiberglass posts do not affect the tooth color as far s they are white or transparent.

The next method of tooth restoration is the cosmetic restoration. This is a separate branch of aesthetic dentistry the aim of which is to correct the forms and the sizes of tooth. This method of restoration needs higher professionalism and higher aesthetic taste. The cosmetic restoration considers being an alternative variant for long orthopedic treatment. Sometimes it is preferable as it is not so expensive and the result is predictable and resistant.
The cosmetic restoration includes reconstruction of teeth, denture reconstruction and transformation with the help of which the form of teeth is corrected.
In the cosmetic dentistry for the same reasons teeth whitening procedure is performed. Principally this procedure has a cosmetic nature, it is not a medical procedure.

Dental clinic ‘Aregak’ provides qualitative services in the field of aesthetic dentistry which is more difficult and creative section. Each case of aesthetic restoration demands individual approach and highly qualified dentists in the clinic provide these services on high level.

The newest methods of aesthetic dentistry used in ‘Aregak’ dental clinic will give perfect form and color to your teeth. After teeth restoration you will be able to smile with beautiful and white denture.