Home teeth whitening under doctor’s supervision


Whitening with so called kappa (plastic construction that is made with the help of personal dental tray) may be done in the clinic as well as at home under the control of dentist.  The whitening gel is filled in the kappa, which is wrapped in the syringe. The kappa with gel is placed on the teeth. The duration depends on the density of the gel-from 30 minutes to several hours. The standard scheme of whitening is 7-10 days for 6-8 hours (usually kappa is worn on teeth at night). There are also some other fastened variants of whitening (3-5 days).   

Home task

There are also standard kappas that patient fills with whitening gel himself. The only problem is that standard kappa does not sit firmly on the teeth, thus the whitening gel can flow out and irritate the mucosa of mouth cavity. Thus the best variant is the collection which includes flexible kappas that can be adapted to teeth.
There are also whitening methods that are performed without usage of kappa. E. g. delicate, flexible layers on which gel is spread for realizing professional teeth whitening at home, or kind of complexes that contain whitening paste and brush.

Whitening pastesWhitening pastes

The whitening toothpaste changes the color of tooth from 1 to 1.5 tints due to mechanical effect of abrasive material and/or fermentative additions.  
The toothpastes containing highly effective abrasive materials have limited time for usage as far as the long time usage may raise teeth sensibility. For the patients having supersensitive teeth exist special dental toothpastes that contain abrasive material of low effect.