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Dentistry for pregnant

Why is it important to see a dentist during pregnancy? Even if before the pregnancy you didn’t have problems with teeth, during the first weeks you must visit the dentist. During pregnancy, appetite is increased , sickness and vomiting increase the acidity of saliva- it can provoke growth of bacteria in the oral cavity. For the organism of pregnant any bacterium is a threat.

By the time the fetus develops, grows, it will be more calcium required which often is taken from the tooth enamel of pregnant. Enamel layer damage can lead to rapid development of caries.

Diagnostics of the teeth condition during pregnancy is a compulsory procedure, as observation by gynecologist.

Wrong is the view that dental treatment during pregnancy dangerous. The woman puts at risk her health and health of the child, when she does not take effective measures to resolve problems with teeth. Toothache is always unpleasant, twice it is unpleasant during pregnanc ,as far as any manifestation of pain in mother’s organism has a negative impact on the child.

Of course, dental treatment during pregnancy requires high professionalism of the dentist.