Dental Veneers

Veneers Veneers are a tiny porcelain shells for the tooth.
For making and installing veneers, the doctor processes vestibular surface beforehand by the size and thickness of the veneer to-be-installed. Further, he gets the measure, which will make the background for the dental technician to make the final veneer corresponding to the color and appearance selected beforehand.

The tooth processed must not be left open, for that reason the doctor immediately in clinical conditions, with the help of a special plastics makes a temporary veneer, which will protect the processed tooth before the permanent one has been made.

The permanent veneer is fixed with special glue. The already fixed veneer looks excellent in the mouth cavity.


In spite of the fact, that veneers are made exceptionally for aesthetic purposes, they also have indications and contradictions. The indications are tooth cracks, a range of non caries infections-fluorosis, hypoplasia, enamel necrosis and erosion, wedge-like defect and, so called, infected dazzle of teeth. Main contradictions are teeth caries, bruxism (teeth gnashing) and wrong biting.