Sapphire Dental Braces

Сапфировые брекетыBraces in the XXI century it is one of the most popular and effective ways of teeth straightening. Thanks to them you will get the perfect smile, harmonious facial features, convenience food and speech. Appearance- that is what many people worry when wearing braces and after. Most refuse treatment with the braces, argue its refusal by the fact that it is ugly! That is why modern dentistry makes great emphasis not on the outcome of treatment, but also on the aesthetic quality of medical apparatus.
To resolve the imperfection of braces to the maximum, sapphire brackets were created. In shape and size- they are almost the same as metal, but unlike the latter, they are transparent, and therefore less visible. It is worth to stress that they are suitable absolutely for any color and shade of the teeth. A thing that can’t be said about ceramic braces.

Advantages of sapphire brackets
Advantages of sapphire brackets

Sapphire brackets are quite popular because of undeniable advantages: 

- Durability and reliability. Pure single crystal sapphire is one of the most resistant to mechanical impact materials. - Elegance and aesthetics. Sapphire braces are very thin, which making them almost invisible to eye.
- Hygiene. Clear braces do not get coloured from the products, no plaque is formed on them, they don’t change under the action of saliva.
- Neutrality. Sapphire braces don’t distort the taste of food and drinks.
- Security. They don’t cause allergies and are comfortable to use. Sapphire brackets are of high polishing quality and practically don’t rub her cheeks and tongue, so the adjustment period after the installation is minimized.

Disadvantages of sapphire brackets

Sapphire brackets are stronger, than ceramic ones, but, they can break and often come unstuck in the treatment. There are some instances when sapphire brackets are better not to use in case of  treatment of some diseases. The patient must  listen to his orthodontist, if he says that in this or that case, the sapphire brackets are not the best choice.