Ceramic braces

ceramic bracesThey are made of ceramics. Today ceramic braces are used widely. They are very popular with adults as they are more attractive than metal.

The advantages of ceramic braces

- Ceramic braces are invisible because they are selected according to the color of the teeth. Due to this they have a reputation of the aesthetically most aesthetically pleasing: it is almost impossible to notice. Depending on the type of feedstock used - mono-or poly – ceramic braces can be transparent or opaque.
- They are more comfortable than metal, and do not irritate the gums.
- They are durable, never break,and firmly attached to the teeth.

Disadvantages of ceramic braces
ceramic braces
Disadvantages of ceramic braces are relative.
- Ceramic brackets are usually more expensive than traditional metal ones.
- Treatment of ceramic braces last longer than with metal ones.
- Usually they are bigger than metal braces.