X-Ray Exam

RadiovisiographyOur clinic is equipped with the most modern dental appliances. Here they are:


Nowadays, there is no alternative to replacing X-ray examination. For exact diagnosis and the control of the treatment quality the dentist extremely needs x-ray pictures. Our clinic is equipped with modern dental radiovisiography, that lets our doctors to have exact X-ray pictures.

The images done by dental radiovisiography are worked out on spot and immediately appear on the computer screen. The patient doesn’t have to wait long as with the help of radiovisiography the dentist immediately gets the diagnosis and useful information for future treatment ways.

Thanks to this kind of images and the exactness got in the result the radiovisiography helps to avoid future complications and other problems that can be unpleasant for the patient.


Pantomographic is a photo review which allows in short time to get a lot of information about all the teeth and jaw bones. The ill effect on the patient is less than during the process of taking an ordinary X-ray picture while the information got by the doctor is much more. The image (electronic or on X-ray negative) gives an opportunity to the doctor judge about the situation of periodontium and evaluate special orthodontic treatment. Pantomographic image is stipulated by international treatment standards, which advise to have such detailed examination not less than once a year.

Electronic apex locator

An electronic apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics determine the position of the apical foramen and thus determine the length of the root canal space. This device makes it possible to examine the peculiarities and the length of the root canal space. The treatment with this device lets to avoid wrong treatment of root canal spaces and dental filling. It is harmless for the patient and productive for the dentist. The electronic apex locator is totally harmless, very exact and provides information very fast.

Dental X-ray sensor positionerDental X-ray sensor positioner

In our clinic we use not only new generation equipments, but also try to make the process of getting x-ray images as comfortable as possible for the patient and as exact as possible for the dentist.it order to give a solution to this problem in our clinic we use dental x-ray positioner.

Holding the X-ray negative with a finger in the mouth can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for the patient. The thick and hard sensor doesn’t make the process more comfortable at all. The X-ray positioner comes to correct the situation. The X-ray positioner has different tools to fix the sensor which already have forms to take the X-ray images of different tooth groups.

With the help of this device the positioner is placed in the mouth of the patient in its right place without the help of the patient. The quality of the image is much better and the patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable.


In our practice the photography gives an opportunity to estimate the results of already done work correctly. The patient always has an opportunity to see the results of already done work obviously and with the help of the image to estimate the details that they can’t notice in everyday life.

X-ray Computed tomography

X-ray Computed tomography is a type of X-ray examination on the base of which is the ribbed shooting of the specific area that is being examined in three dimentions. The dentist gets the opportunity to see the space image of the exact area, estimating the real sizes and the relations whith each other.

The X-ray computed tomography gives the dentists the opportunity to estimate the volume of the bone where the supposed implant should be placed, the quality of the bone, to decide the relation of future implants with blood vessels and nerves, to place “virtual implants” and plan orthopedic structures that are going to be placed on the implants.