Oral Exam

Intraoral cameraIntraoral camera

Intra-oral camera is not a very new device and of course it is not what we can’t work without. Our long years experience shows that applying this device makes the treatment more productive and the results more evident.

This method makes it possible for the patients to get more information on their oral situation, to see a several times enlarged and color image of any tooth on the screen and to estimate their intra-oral situation before and after the treatment.
At the same time the dentist gets some extra information such as:

To see the roughnesses of tooth enamel, ceramic or dental fillings
To see little caries cavities on teeth
To record the results before and after filling the teeth putting dental crowns or implants
To show the patient the esthetic results of tooth restoration

The dental camera has its light source that’s why, unlike the human eye, it gives the opportunity to see always and everything.

Caries Marker
Caries Marker

Caries Marker includes red color which helps to distinguish the between carious and healthy dentins by coloring the carious ones in red color. Caries Marker visually makes it easier the care of carious dentins. During this procedure the healthy parts of teeth or enamel are not colored, which make the treatment of unhealthy parts much easier while other teeth stay untouched while treating the carious dentin.

Facial arch

In Aregak dental clinic facial arch is widely used during prosthetics in order to get individual measures of the patient. The facial arch is a mechanical device that is fixed to the head of the patient with special tool and a so called spoon. Then the individual sizes and movement positions of upper and bottom jaws are taken, for what the patient only bites the spoon and moves the bottom jaw several times. This method makes it possible to record the patient’s individual features avoiding many technical calculations.

Nowadays all orthopedic structures are made with the help of facial arch, which is of high quality, and what is more, it is the best way to get an individual high quality result. Some 5 extra minutes that you have to stay in the dentist’s chair twice reduce your visits to the dentist in order to get an orthopedic structure.


An articulator is a mechanical device that exactly repeats all the movements of the patient’s the bottom jaw. The articulator is fixed taking into consideration the results of facial arch as a result of which the dental technician gets the jaw movement exact trajectory of the patient which is the best way to have comfortable and long lasting orthopedic structures.

In our clinic as well as in the technician’s laboratory the articulator is widely used, with the help of which the best prosthesis and dental crowns are made.

Oral grease examination

The bacteriological methods of examination suppose bacteriological and toxic analysis got from the survey of the affected sector. While taking material the following rules should be followed.

Before taking material no medical rinse should be done, the teeth shouldn’t be cleaned, before taking material the oral cavity should be cleaned with warm water. The affected survey should be cleaned with cotton, the material should be taken from the bosom of the cavity and sent to the laboratory at once.

In order to find Candida type infections the material for laboratory study can be white membrane pare.

Before placing implants the following examinations should also be held: general study of blood (with leucoformula), biochemical study of blood, the study of hormonal function of the whole organism if needed.