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Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry Therapeutic dentistry has the biggest demand, that’s why the therapist-dentist takes the first place in the complex treatment of oral problems of the patient. The therapeutic treatment is the basis without which it’s impossible to provide the oral health state and the quality of further medical procedures.    

Doctors of ‘Aregak’ dental clinic, in number of others, diagnose and treat even the most complicated and rare cases met in the practice. The key to success is the complex approach, great experience, perfect scientific preparedness and skills of the specialists.  

Therapeutic dentistry In the therapeutic compartment of ‘Aregak’ dental clinic services provided include:

-    Caries treatment by stopping or placing ceramic inlays according to indications.
-    Caries complications treatment (pulpitis, periodontitis)
-    Cosmetic restoration with composite materials, ceramic veneers to correct the form of frontal teeth and improve the color
-    Tooth whitening,
-    Periodontological treatment,
-    Dispenser control of the patient-free preventive examination twice a year

All medical procedures are performed according to medical indications, the newest methods and materials are used that provide perfect result.