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Teeth whitening

Teeth whiteningBeautiful and white teeth! It is difficult to find a person who would not like to see the reflection of his nice, white, healthy teeth in the mirror.  
If there is a toothache, you don’t like the form of your tooth, old dental inlay then you know you have to visit the dentist to change, to mend, to cure.  
The result is expected if you are sure the doctor is a professional.

Teeth’s whitening is such a procedure which makes the patient doubt and be careful. A part of this cautions are right, but wholly taken they don’t correspond reality.  Let’s try to find out what is true and what is false.
Teeth whitening is a procedure during which the tooth changes its color. But the reasons why the tooth changes its color are quite different. Below we present some major reasons why a tooth changes its color.

Let’s start from heredity. Each person has natural color of teeth and not always it is white. The color of tooth depends on the dental enamel and the structure of dentine under it. The more there are disorders in the structure of enamel the more dark is the color of tooth, because in this case grows the possibility of accumulation of pigmentary materials. The number of pigments in the unaffected tissues of the tooth is different for each person, that’s why the reason the color of teeth is different.

Teeth whitening

The next is the usage of products that contain great number of pigmentary materials (coffee, tea, red wine, Coca-Cola, and such kind of other drinks that contain chemical dyes), smoking (nicotine is a strong dye). The tooth enamel is white by nature and everything depends on pigment that has accumulated in the tooth tissue.  Such kind of pigmentary materials can change the color of tooth with injured enamel. If there are no disorders in the structure of tooth tissue then pigments can accumulate in the dental deposit, and in case of insufficient oral hygiene teeth visually change their color.

The third is the inborn disorder in the tooth tissue, or the disorder in the formation of tissue under the influence of external factors. E. g. ‘tetracycline’ teeth; in childhood during the formation of permanent dental enamel and dentine structure the child might have health problems and antibiotics from tetracyclic set might be prescribed. If the treatment is active then it may coincide with the teeth formation, and teeth might appear with pigmentary stains and erosions might happen. The stronger the tetracyclic therapy was, the stronger the lesion is, up to total erosion of the tissue.           
The reasons are different, but the goal is one-beautiful and healthy smile. If the tooth structure is injured, the beautiful smile might be restored with invasive and (tooth inlays, etc.) and not invasive (different preparations of calcium, fluorine and etc.) methods.
The patient rarely is aware of what is teeth whitening, even rarely he knows what takes place with dental tissue during the procedure and nearly no one knows what would happen next.

The teeth whitening is a medical procedure that requires professional approach. Only the doctor can detect the reason of color change and only the dentist can choose the method to solve the problem. However it is necessary to remember that before teeth whitening the health level of mouth cavity should be improved, dental deposits should be removed and the inflammation of gums should be treated.