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Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial illnesses by surgical interference. To oppose the widespread opinion that the surgeon-doctors only extract the teeth and do implantation, they perform many other medical processes including surgeries for tooth extraction and plastic surgeries.
Due to high level of development of modern surgical dentistry today there is an opportunity to keep even the most precarious teeth.
The surgical dentistry does not exclude the teeth extraction. But the dentists perform that procedure in case of extreme necessity, when it is already impossible to save the tooth or infected tooth caused more serious diseases.
When therapeutic treatment does not provide necessary result, it is possible to save the tooth with several other methods, e.g. extraction of upper part of the tooth (resection), or extraction of infected part of the tooth (bisection). In this case the tooth can still serve long maintaining its functional activity. Sometimes it is necessary to extract wisdom teeth that have grown wrongly and are disturbing. In this case the tooth should be removed by professional surgeon-dentist, so that the risk of complications would be minimal. The surgeon also extracts the cyst next to the root.
Today the surgical dentistry cooperates closely with aesthetic surgery, orthodontia, implantology.
With the time cosmetic medical procedures with gingiva become more and more required. Especially more frequently are used such methods as gingivoplastics, elimination of gingiva recession, vestibuloplastics, correction of alveolar ridge, the extraction of dental crown and so on.
Besides the above mentioned therapies the surgical stomatology is also occupied with preparatory works of implantation.  When the Highmore sinuses have no standard placement, there is bone decreasing or deterioration, then correction of those defects or osseointegration is done for later implant placement.
Due to the modern technologies and anesthetic drugs all surgical procedures are painless and are absolutely secure.
The most prevalent surgical interferences in the surgical stomatology such as extraction of wisdom, in case of necessity, of other teeth, cyst surgery, therapy of other lesions, transplantation of soft tissues, pre-imlantative osseointegration and insertion of implants are successfully performed in the ‘Aregak’ dental clinic by highly qualified and experienced doctor-stomatologists.
The right choice of anesthetics and professional anesthesia, including the anesthetic injected and the narcosis, provide psychological comfort for the patient. In the clinic special attention is paid to the tooth saving surgeries: amputation of dental roots, prevention of periodontitis. The main tasks of the surgeon-dentist are to eliminate the oral cavity infections, place implants, formation of correct denture.
In the clinic multistage anesthetic method is used to prevent unpleasant feelings. It supposes private choice of methods depending on the medical procedure performed, susceptibility of the patient towards the ingredients of the preparation and other factors.
‘Aregak’ dental clinic offers his patients the following qualitative services in the field of surgery:
- implantation
- tooth saving medical procedures
- treatment of inflammatory lesions (periodontitis, periostitis, phlegmones, osteomyelitis, highmoritis)
- Tooth extraction (partial or complete)
- tooth restoration, implants
- preparation of oral cavity to future prosthetics
- treatment of diseases of the salivary gland
- surgeries of periodontium.