Stump Tab

Stump tabsWhat is the stumb tub?

Stump tabs are overall alloyed constructions which being fastening the tooth from inside, at the same time recovering the dental crown of the latter. The dental crown is recovered so as to make it possible to fasten an artificial dental crown on it. That is to say, the hewed part of the stump tab has the appearance of a tooth.

Stump tabs may be both overall and on shtift, in case of polyroot teeth can be metal- alloyed and not metal-alloyed, as well as of zircon oxide. These constructions are used when the tooth is totally spoilt, even up to the gum boarder line.

Before making a stump tab the tooth should undergo an ideal recovery, the root canals should be filled up to the top, the filling quality is checked through an x-ray examination. The next step will be to process the tooth canal by the 1/2, 1/3, of its size and to give it respective width and cone shape. That is to say, a room is being made for the future in-root insert. After the final processing a two-layer silicone size is measured which provides the basis for the dentist-technician to make the stump tab.

The ready insert is fixed by special glue, and a day later, it is already possible to take the final measure to make the permanent artificial corona.