Incognito Braces

Брекеты IncognitoToday almost everyone has at least some idea of what the brackets are and why they are for. Any bracket system is, intended, for the treatment of pathological bite. Because of this, not only the function of dentition is restored, but the aesthetics of the human smiles. In some cases, even changing it and , as a rule, to better.

Knowing about their problems, about the need to solve the problem, and even having a great desire to get rid of it, people get a barrier, which, unfortunately not all can overcome. This barrier is aesthetics.

Braces “Incognito” (Incognito) - this is a real breakthrough in the world of orthodontics. Customers, to whom the aesthetics and confidence are primarily important in treatment, chose them. This lingual braces fit  both teenagers and adults.

The advantages of brackets “Incognito”:Брекеты Incognito

  • Invisible from outside
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Imperceptible for the patient
  • High-tech
  • Safe
  • Don’t cause allergies
  • Doesn’t require addiction and does not distorting speech
  • Midget
  • Individual

Braces “Incognito”- are the best that can offer orthodontics.

Bracket-system “Incognito” is the exact copy of the form of each tooth and fits tightly to the surface. The result is that - you don’t feel any discomfort, braces Incognito are perfectly adapted to your mouth.

All the bands and features of the system perfectly replicate bends and features of your teeth, the control of all characteristics is carried out using high-tech computer hardware. Thus, you are insured for any errors of omission and, consequently, the associated discomfort. Besides braces “Incognito” are amazingly small, so you will not feel it and the speech will be clear.