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Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental anomalies.

The goals of orthodontic treatment are:

-Harmonious development of the facial aesthetics,
-Normalization of the functions of breathing, speech ,swallowing , chewing.
After orthodontic treatment, -you get beautiful , harmonious smile that will prevent the development of  variety of periodontal diseases , TMJ joint , gastrointestinal tract.

A little about modern possibilities of orthodontic treatment:

Detachable equipment (one – or two – jaw orthodontic appliances): This kind of constructions in most cases are used to treat abnormalities in childhood. They give the opportunity to improve the position of teeth, jaw correlation, to create a place for teeth. In our clinic we produce removable devices with artificial teeth to save space arch after early removal of the milk teeth, and also manufacture  removable devices for removal of harmful habits in childhood.
For fixed equipment include braces, Quat-helix, hyrax. The bracket system is the most modern orthodontic device enabling you to move the teeth into three areas, the tooth moves with, corpus, without inclination. Braces occupy minimum space in the mouth, there is no mucosal injury, speech disorders. The types of braces are classified according to the material from which they are made (metal, ceramic, sapphire), and also according to the type of action (ligature, without).

Metal braces are made of metal without nickel. They are biocompatible to the organism. Their main advantage is the low price and low friction force between the bracket slot and arcs that contributes to the rapid movement of the teeth.

Ceramic braces are- aesthetic braces made of polycrystalline and they have matte white color. In our clinic we use braces ZM with metal slot, which reduces friction with arc and improves tooth movement. Ceramic  brackets are food coloring agent resistant. The main negative of property ceramic braces is that they are larger,- in comparison with metal braces.

Sapphire brackets: base is the single crystal (transparent ceramics). The most expensive aesthetic brackets. The main negative feature - fragility.

Self-ligating braces are one of the latest achievements of orthodontics. The main difference from the classical braces is the arc in the bracket slot, which is in a passive state, leading to more physiological movement of the teeth and less traumas for periodontium. The use of this system allows to reduce the number of visits to the doctor-orthodontist.

orthodontic treatment orthodontic treatment
metal braces

Osamu-retainer is another types of retention (amplifying) devices used after an active orthodontic treatment. This is a removable device in the form of transparent Kappa. It saves the position of teeth, the size of the jaws in the norm.
Prevention of tooth-jaw anomalies. In our clinic we use individually manufactured orthodontic apparatus and preortodontic  trainers.

Preortodontic  trainers allow to begin to correct dent-facial anomalies at an early age (3-5 years). The device is aimed at eliminating the causes of the anomaly (breathing through the mouth, weakness, muscular lips, the position of the tongue, thumb sucking).The results of treatment at an early age is very high. If treatment with a trainer, a large percentage of success depends on how well adults have set up child and implements the recommendations of the doctor. Indications are:

- Crowding in front of the lower jaw.
- The open bite in front.
- Distal occlusion.
- Deep bite.
- Bad habits.


-Psychological problems.
-Mesial occlusion.
-Cross-bite in the lateral parts.