Private oral hygiene

Practice of everyday cleaningThe private right teeth’s cleaning is the key to stomatological health. It is not a secret that the main reason of such diseases as dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis is the sediment. By saying sediment dental deposits and dental tartars are meant which have pathologic microorganisms in them. Those microbes produce acids that have aggressive influence on gingiva developing inflammations and dental caries on teeth.
Thus it can be concluded that eliminating mechanically the environment of microorganisms the risk of emergence of stomatological diseases is prevented. This is the reason why dentists stress the importance of right and regular private oral hygiene.

Practice of everyday cleaningPractice of everyday cleaning

It is known that teeth should be cleaned twice a day after eating. Teeth should be cleaned with vertical, small circular movements against the gum line. Use the same method for the inside surface of the teeth, as well as for chewing surface of the teeth.

Teeth’s cleaning should be finished with tongue brushing

The remnants of food are gathered inside the tongue papillae creating ideal environment for microbe development. To prevent this, the tongue should be brushed with special brush. This procedure helps to prevent the bad smell in the mouth.
To improve blood circulation specialists advice to massage the gums with fingers using circular movements after cleaning teeth.    

Food is our relative and enemyFood is our relative and enemy

It turns out that fresh squeezed juice that is so useful for the organism is the enemy of teeth. It includes fruit acids that erode the enamel. But the real enemies are fizzy drinks and caramel candies that include not only acids, but also sugar which is microbes’ ‘favorite food’.   For that reason each time after eating tasty things it is necessary to rinse mouth with tepid water.
The relative of teeth is the food that contains fluorine and calcium, e. g. salt-water fish, poultry, spinach, hard cheese, curds that neutralize the influence of acids and enrich organism with calcium. The dark chocolate is also wholesome as far as the cacao prevents the developments of microbes.  
The black tea strengthens the tooth enamel and regulates the acido-base balance, and the coffee has antibacterial influence.    
One should be careful, especially with children, while using food containing fluorine (black tea, fish) as the surplus of fluorine may cause fluorosis.