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Preventive tooth care and hygiene

Профилактика и гигиена зубовModern dentistry starts from hygiene. It is already proved that all kind of dental diseases start from insufficient oral hygiene.  If there are dental deposits, tartars, accordingly pathogenic microorganisms, then one can forget about healthy teeth and gums.   
Dental cariesstarts from dental deposit which is not being cleaned regularly, but gradually it increases and transforms into dental tartars.     
The complications of caries are odontitis, periodontitis, periostitis, osteomyelitis. The more state becomes complicated, the more it becomes impossible to save the tooth, thus it is removed. The whole pathogenic process is not only accompanied with a feeling of discomfort but also with strong, unbearable pain.

Everything starts with so seemed usual dental deposit.  The other version when the tooth is removed is the insufficient oral hygiene; it is periodontitis-the inflammatory disease of gums which leads to the loss of bone tissue and teeth. If this pathological process is not stopped in time then the healthy teeth start to move and soon fall.
To prevent this situation firstly one must keep a sufficient private oral hygiene.  To learn how to clean teeth correctly one must consult a dentist who would choose personal hygiene means and would show how to use them.  
Besides, it is important to visit a dentist one a year to make a preventive examination and professional oral hygiene.

Toothpaste types; how to make a right choice? Toothpaste types

While buying toothpaste rarely do we think what we know about toothpastes and what is the difference between them. Most often we buy the one we remember from advertisement or the one we were buying previously. But this is not a correct approach as far as the health of mouth cavity depends on the correctly chosen toothpaste as well.

The toothpastes are divided into three types-hygienic, prophylactic, whitening.

The health of teeth and gums should be taken into consideration while choosing toothpaste. If you do not have any kind of problem then you are lucky, you can choose any kind of hygienic toothpaste. They are used to clean teeth from food remnants and give freshness to mouth cavity. But if there are any problems then toothpaste should be chosen that would help to solve those problems. In this case it is preferable to chose prophylactic toothpaste. 

Prophylactic toothpastes usually are used to suppress the microflorа generating caries and periodontitis, to prevent the demineralization of dental enamel, to reduce the inflammatory process in case of diseases of periodontium.      
Аnti-caries toothpastes include fluorine and calcium. These materials fasten dental enamel making it difficult the onset of caries on the surface of the tooth.    
If there are problems connected with periodontium (inflammation of gingiva and bleeding) then toothpaste including antiseptic materials and herbal additions should be used. Herbal additions (chamomile, sage, lavender, aloe) have positive effect on oral mucosa and periodontium; they improve the metabolic processes, reduce gum bleeding and refresh the mouth cavity.  
Some toothpaste includes vitamins В3, В6, РР, С, К, Е, ferments and biologically active additions. They are productive in case of gingivitis and oral mucosa diseases. 
There are also whitening toothpastes. They are divided into two groups-with abrasive effect and containing perhydrol and active oxygen. Toothpastes of first group maximally clean teeth surface even from thin layer of dental deposit, but the abrasive property of toothpaste can damage the enamel.   The toothpastes belonging to the second group are not effective as well, because the chemical materials contained in them e.g. perhydrol, have negative influence on gums; they can mitigate enamel, even change the color of dental inlay. Thus it is preferable to use whitening toothpastes once or twice a week.
Universal toothpaste does not exist. Each person has unique problems to treat which proper toothpaste should be chosen. The best variant is to consult the dentist.