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Dental Implantology

Tooth is the only organ in our organism that is not recovered by itself. The irrevocable losses of them can bring to a range of negative phenomenon which in its turn will culminate in facial changes, to the disturbance of chewing process, and further leave crucial influence on the whole digestion system. Luckily modern stomatology suggests the best solution to the problem, which is teeth implantology. Let us find out together what it really is, and which are its indications and contradictions.

Throughout the history of mankind, people have always been concerned with the problem of adentia. People tried to restore the lost teeth with whatever possible, the parts of snail’s shells, parts of fabric, parts of animal bones and what not. This all may be more close to prosthesis, but the first attempt of implantology which fully replaces the teeth alive, was first performed in the XVIII century, though, unfortunately, it did not culminate in a positive example. And it was only after one hundred years, that the Swiss professor Branemark placed the first artificial tooth. It was here that everything started from then.

In the 5o-ies of the past century Swiss professor Ingvar Bracovenemark discovered titan, i.e. the feature of bakcknitting. While examining the biological phenomenon he put a titan shell to the rabbit bone, and later he could not take it out. Thus, the feature of bone knitting was discovered. Stomatology grounded it as a basis and the doctors were granted by the possibility of treating adentia.

The first person to bear implant was a simple carpenter Gustav Larson, who had suffered from dental problems since childhood, and as he became an adult, he was deprived of all the teeth he had. He was not able to eat, speak or smile, which made him try this method. With methods and technologies not yet fully improved Gustav Larson lived a whole life practically proving the safety and effectiveness of the new technology. But before millions of people began applying implants professor Banemark had to go through a short way of research.

Consultation in dental Clinique Aregak starts from the kind reception of the patient. After listening to the complaints of the patient, the doctor-dentist carries out a pre-examination, collection of amannez and makes the primary diagnosis.

In case of need the patient undergoes a more thorough examination (a specific professional makes the examinations, x-ray investigation as well as mouth cavity examination.)

One of the preconditions of a solidary and effective work of Dental Clinique Aregak is the general computer network between the dental rooms and the administrative stuff. Thus, every employee has the possible access to the specific professional sphere through a special encrypted password which makes it possible to maintain a more effective first consultation, show the results of prior similar cases, to coincide the treatment quality and price aspects without leaving the doctors chair.

We completely understand the psychological state and, in many cases, even the fear of our patients, which is partially bound with the previous unsuccessful medical interferences.

Feeling sympathetic with the patient, the doctor conducts an even better treatment, and feeling this sympathy for him, leads the patient to a speedy recovery.