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Periodontology is specialty of dentistry that is dealing with prevention and treatment of inflammation diseases of gums and periodontum. There exist more than 20 types of defferent illnesses in the modern periodontology. Parodontosis, periodontitis, gingivitis are the most common ones.

Any disease, including gum inflammation, is easier to treat in its primary stage, than when it is already developed.

Periodontum consists of gums, cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.

The main function of periodontum is to help the tooth withstand the naturally substantial compressive forces which occur during chewing and remain embedded in the bone.     
‘It is easier to prevent the illness than to treat it’: this expression is justified in dentistry as well. Only early prevention, regular observations, procedures of professional hygiene, regular and on time dental care are able to reduce the risk of development and exacerbation of periodontal and systemic diseases.

Periodontology demands a carefully performed preventon.

Follow the simple advices and it would be possible to prevent oral deseases.Признаки здорового пародонта

•    Private oral hygiene,
•    floss the teeth every time after eating,
•    use rough vegetarian food,
•    chew using all teeth,
•    visit the dentist for consultation preferably two times a year

Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases take on many different forms but are usually a result of a coalescence of bacterial plaque biofilm accumulation of the red complex bacteria (egs. include P. gingivalis, T. forsythus, and T. denticola) of the gingiva and teeth, combined with host immuno-inflammatory mechanisms and other risk factors which lead to destruction of the supporting bone around natural teeth. Untreated, these diseases lead to alveolar bone loss and tooth loss and, to date, continue to be the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.