Our mission

Mission is the maximum of guarantee, functionality and aesthetics!
Our strong sides: professional authority of doctors, the latest technologies,
good attitude towards the patients:

Стоматологическая клиника “Арегак”

High professionalism of our medical stuff combined with the latest achievements in dentistry will help to solve all your problems in the oral cavity and ensure the quality and safety of services. In our clinic work passionate, intelligent professionals.

The clinic has modern medical equipment. Materials and technologies used by our doctors are the latest achievements in modern dentistry, proven from the most positive sides in all leading clinics of the world.

Before treatment, we always make up a treatment plan and detailed information for the patient. The final treatment is set by the attending physician after consultation and necessary additional diagnostics.

Наша миссияThe cost of treatment remains the same, regardless of any factors, fluctuations, inflation and time. In addition, we offer the lowest prices among medical centers that meet our quality and range of provided services.

This suggests that the quality of our services is stable and high. Special accents we put on the high quality of treatment, on comprehensive approach in solving dental problems and on patient satisfaction both by process and the result.

We all built on achieving maximum quality in the work. When the head of the dentistry is sitting in the same chair as all other doctors, it is much better to understand why you need good equipment, quality materials, and that means good reputation of the clinic in the town.

We pay special attention to our little patients. The clinic will be equipped with specialized child study, where the children will watch their favorite cartoons by the time when their teeth are treated.

This is possible using modern methods of treatment and prevention of dental caries without pain and fear. Each patient upon completion of the procedures necessarily will be given a present.

Mission: to provide high quality services to an increasing number of people in all areas of dentistry, and for the staff to provide prestigious work and professional growth.

The key to the success is the high professionalism of the medical staff, advanced technologies and respect for patients.

I sincerely wish our patients to make the right choice. Just imagine how far you can go together with youthful, charming smile and perfection…
We are ready guide you!

To be a leader is not easy, but we manage to do this for so many years. To achieve the following heights- that is something we can be proud of…

Chief physician of “Aregak” dental clinic David Hakobyan