About us

“Aregak”-dental clinic was opened in 2000. The professional medical stuff will help to solve all problems of the oral cavity and will provide safe and quality dental services. Before the treatment process begins, diagnostics plan is developed. Diagnostics in “Aregak”-dental clinic is being done by the fifth generation computer tomography “JMORITA. Computer tomography in comparison with other methods of X-Ray diagnostics has advantages. In case of usual   X-Ray teeth study we get only a superficial image of the investigated object, were as computer tomography scans the full 3D image. In this case,- the possibility of mistakes isexcluded.

For effective treatment, as known, it is necessary to conduct an accurate diagnostics.
Attaching particular importance to the diagnostics, “Aregak “-dental clinic acquired German microscope model “LEICA”. Only with a microscope It is possible to throughly examine your teeth and gums, to detect the presence of cavities, cracks, inflammation, diagnose any decease. Conducting examination without microscope, the doctor is risking to make mistakes in atypical structure of the oral cavity. While a microscope significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment providing security of action and guaranteeing reliable results.

With the afforts of “Aregak” laser dentistry is developed in Armenia .Still recently the cabinet of dentist was impossible to imagine without the sound of a drill. Today dental treatment can be done without pain, unnecessary inconvenience and without filling patients with fear towards tools. Treatment of teeth with laser is a new direction in dentistry. “Aregak”-dental clinic is equipped with laser of fifth generation “Waterlase iPLUS”, designed for hard and soft tissues of the body.

“Waterlase iPLUS”-works without noise and two times faster than comparable laser systems, it is more efficient, safe and convenient in comparison with the classical dental instruments. Due to application of laser a non-contact treatmentis realized that excludes the possibility of hepatitis and AIDS. Implantation implemented with laser is less traumatic, safer, because it excludes the appearance of foreign particles, and also the recovery period of the patient is faster. In the activities “Aregak”-dental clinic implantology occupies a rather big place.

Thanks to cooperation with the company -“MIS”- the clinic offers a wide range of implants for different clinic cases. The guarantee of the effectiveness of the implant system is a virtual implantation planning system "MGUIDE", through which you can make the real case in a virtual environment and create two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization in real time. This system makes possible the preparation of a full model minimizes the necessity of invasive surgerie and guarantees precise implantation with a predictable result of prosthetics.