Wisdom teeth - Implantation… treatment… extraction…

wisdom teethSpecial and interesting treatment the patients have towards the wisdom teeth mainly because of lack of information. In a word, there is an opinion that the wisdom teeth bring only problems and it would be better to get rid of them. The most interesting fact is that such kind of opinion has justified basis.

Of course a question arises: why it is still impossible to make prosthetics for wisdom teeth in correlation with the modern achievements of dentistry? Having evident achievements in implantology why the dentists do not suggest new techniques, but simply extract the wisdom teeth like previously?

To answer this question first we have to answer the question ‘what is a wisdom tooth?’

The third molar tooth in the end of the jaw is called wisdom tooth. The wisdom teeth sprout the last at the end of teenager age or after 20 years. Often the wisdom teeth are called ‘the eight’ according to the numeration accepted to dentists.

One should confess that those teeth reached to the contemporary man as heritage from his distant ancestors. In fact we don’t need them and in 25% cases even don’t sprout and people do not suffer from it. It is conditioned by the evolution of the man.wisdom teeth

People feed differently for almost more than thousand years, the culinary processing of food has made is more soft and no special efforts are needed to grind it. Thus the wisdom teeth have already lost their role initially attached to them, they underwent atrophy and now their development differs form that at the beginning. They became weak and friable because of lack of calcium and being useless for their function. That is why they are more susceptible to being infected by cares, to breaking and so on.  
In addition it should be noted that the jaw of contemporary man has shortened in 4mm and no place is left for ‘the eight’. This situation has led to the problems typical to wisdom teeth.

There are many problems connected with wisdom teeth that are solved by extraction and not by treatment and they can obstruct implant placement. Let’s start with late sprouting. The wisdom teeth do not have their milk teeth and thus the process of sprouting is more painful. In the oral cavity infection nidus is created which leads to inflammations and complications. The position of tooth might be deviated from norm and it is called dystopia (malposition).

In case of dystopia the wisdom teeth often become the reason of infection of the neighboring teeth. In some cases the growing wisdom teeth press the whole denture and generate disarrangements. As a result the not sprouted tooth becomes a bomb of slow action that is not known when it would explode.

The normally sprouted wisdom teeth that have not damaged the neighboring teeth continue to cause displeasure.  It is again reasoned by its position.
The wisdom teeth have a hard accessibility and it is difficult to clean with brush, they are not cleaned in natural way as well because they are not uses practically. They have no equal placement with the other teeth and there stays a crack around them that is impossible to clean, naturally favorable conditions for development of microbes is created. As a result we have caries and a stable nidus of infection.

To treat or to extract?

The treatment of wisdom teeth is very difficult. The reason is again their difficult availability, the wrong position, the difficulty of bormachine usage, in addition the tooth roots and canals have unpredictable placement and thus the treatment itself becomes difficult. But the problem is not that, the experienced dentist can overcome that difficulty even if much time and skills are needed. But what will it give?
The doctor would eliminate the consequences but to change the tooth position and its consequences he cannot. The causes of illness will continue ‘working’; it means that everything is going to be repeated. Thus the only way to settle the situation is the extraction of wisdom teeth.  
In many cases the extraction of wisdom teeth is simply mandatory, e.g. when it is necessary to put braces to correct the biting or to correct the denture. The extraction is also indicated incase of neurosis treatment of the triple nerve.  

As a result the following can be said: the wisdom teeth always cause displeasure and to provide total hygiene around them is impossible, which means caries and inflammations. Their treatment is difficult and ineffective; the result is not long-lasting, thus is should be extracted. That is the best way to avoid diseases and complications.

It is useless to place an implant in the place of wisdom tooth, why?

It is useless to place an implant in the place of wisdom tooth, why?

Theoretically it is possible, but the position makes it difficult. But there are also other reasons.

First of all it is very difficult to decide placement angle of axis, then do everything correctly in the hard-to-reach place. In the last two photos it is shown what happens in case or normal implant placement and in case of a small deviation.

Second, while clenching teeth the load would not correspond to the axis of implant, as a result Ft force of lateral bending arises; the force will break the stability, naturally, further it is clear what would happen.    
An ordinary molar can stand the lateral load as it has several roots and is not stuck to the bone. The special ‘sack’ plays emollient role for it, which cannot be said about the implant. Even in case of perfect installation there is a crack between the gingiva and crown, moreover, it is not cleaned and sooner or later leads to inflammation and serious problems.  
Third: this point is the most interesting, it sounds very short: do we need all this?
Really, do we need to spend so much money only to get complications and nothing more? The wisdom teeth do not play important role in masticating, in external look, one feels good himself without these teeth. Thus, naturally it’s not worth to spend time and money for useless treatment, it is better to take care of health and extract the wisdom teeth.